How To Create An Easy To Remember Password

My parents own a couple of businesses and I serve as their technical advisor. Recently I assisted my mother in purchasing some new hardware for a trip to Vancouver, BC that she needs to take and when it came time to connect her email and other services to the device, I asked her for her passwords. I was greeted with a mixed look of anger and despair.

Unfortunately, passwords are not going anywhere. As our personal lives and daily jobs become more and more digital, passwords are a necessary evil to protect our privacy and assets. So how do you we create strong and easy to remember passwords?

Passwords should be greater than 8 characters and random. The problem is, the human brain is not good at remembering long and random strings. We like patterns. So how do we achieve this? Many believe that creating a passphrase can be more secure than some of the passwords that we tend to come up with. A passphrase is usually 4 or more random words put together that makes sense to you individually, but nobody else.

There is a good article on passwords vs. passphrases on the ProtonMail blog.

Even if you use passphrases, it's important to use a unique password or passphrase for every service that you use. If you have a lot of services you use online, this can be difficult. In these cases, I recommend using a password vault like 1Password or LastPass.

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