Stahl Consulting Group


Hi, I’m Aaron. I’m the owner, secretary, janitorial staff, and [insert role here] of the Stahl Consulting Group. This is my side hustle, and was born out of the need for our family businesses to have a website created and were unable to find any easy or affordable options. So we decided to do it ourselves.

For full disclosure, The Stahl Consulting Group (or Stahl Group) is just me. I gave my side hustle this name for two reasons: (1) Many times it’s a group effort. Sometimes there is a need that I can not meet, so I recommend or bring in others who will be a good fit. (2) I see such a need for small business assistance in the areas of IT. Finding affordable and easy solutions should not be expensive or hard to do, but it sometimes seems to be. If the need continues to grow, others will be brought on to help with the need.

I’ve been in the IT industry in one form or another for 18 years, and have been helping to build simple websites for over 6.

If there is something that I can help you out with, reach out and lets have a chat.