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It doesn't have to be complicated.

It's difficult to keep your technical competitive edge when you don't know where to turn. We look at providing simple, affordable solutions to small businesses and individuals. Whether it's needing a simple website, getting an email address, or simply destroying the information on an old computer before you get ride of it, we can help with that.

With over a decade of experience in the technology, passenger logistics, and governmental fields, we can assist or provide you with the knowledge necessary to be successful. Best of all, if we can't help you with your project, we'll help you find someone who can.




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Some of what we do.


The world technology changes by the minute. Not your thing? We can help guide you through your technology needs. If we can't help you directly, we will find someone who can. Technology should makes our lives better so that's what we try to accomplish.

Project Management (PM)

For technology projects to be successful, it's important that they are managed well. We have experience managing the installation of technologies ranging from computer networks, phone systems, and public transit agency CAD systems.

Evernote Consulting

Sick of the paper clutter, or the time it takes looking for your paperwork? Evernote is a fantastic tool that is built to help organize our business or personal life. Ever want to go paperless? We can help with that too!


Secure data destruction

Need to get ride of that old computer? Make sure the information on your machine is completely destroyed. We can help you by performing a secure, DoD standard data wipe of your hard drive.

Simple Websites

Some people just want a simple, affordable website without all the bells and whistles. We can help with that, and will even train you to update your site yourself to help make it even more affordable. If you need something more complex, we are willing to match you with the right firm and help you manage that process.

Public Transit Technology Assistance

A decade of experience in demand-response public transit dispatching and operations.



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